The repair consists of injecting a resin material into the center of the chipped area. Pressure is then applied, using a vacuum device, so that the resin spreads into the tiny cracks. The first step involves using a high-speed drill and specialized bit to drill out the center of the damaged portion, much as a dentist drills out a cavity in a tooth. The drill is used first on a low setting to remove surface debris, then on a high-speed setting to actually drill a tiny hole in the center of the chip.



How Rock Chips are Repaired

Once the center has been sufficiently drilled out and the powdered-glass residue removed, a specialized injector is positioned so that it can deliver a small amount of repair sealant directly into the center of the crack. The injector housing is held perfectly stationary by means of a heavy-duty suction cup that attaches to the glass surface.



Resin is placed in the injector, and a vacuum pump is attached. Injector is first set to create a vacuum to remove the air from inside the crack. After all the air has been removed, the setting on the injector is changed so that it applies pressure.

With a pressure reading of about 25 psi, the resin begins filling the cracks.

After a waiting period of about 5 minutes, the injector is removed. A small piece of cellophane tape is placed over the crack to hold the resin in place while an ultraviolet light is applied to dry the resin.

When the resin is completely dried, the light source is removed and any residue is cleaned away using a razor blade.

Finally the area is cleaned with ordinary glass cleaner. Once finished, the repair is practically imperceptible.

Rock Chip Repair

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